A Message From One of Our Satisfied Customers

"My wife and I were down from the Des Moines area this past weekend. Our a/c stopped blowing cold halfway down. We have the incredible fortune of contacting Terry Overkamp at your dealership. First he felt terrible that you were short-handed in the service area that Sat. He apologized over and over that they couldn't help me. He gave me another dealership to call (Marshall) and said if they can't help you call me back. Marshall was just a flat "no" not interested in my story. I called Terry back, he told me to bring it in, he would give me a loaner because it might take a few hours. I didn't need the loaner, but the customer service was overwhelming. We got there, Colin Overkamp took care of us at the counter, and Terry took the car back to have it checked out. I had a ride, so we left. Before we even got back to the hotel, Terry called, they found the problem, were sending someone into St. Louis to get the part, should be ready by 4 or 5, again apologizing for the time it would take. Around 2:00 I got a call from Colin saying our car was ready to be picked up. When we got there, it had been washed for us as well. I can not say enough positive things about Terry and Colin, or the unseen faces in the background that took the time and effort to get a couple they may never see again, back on the road with a/c on a hot day. I am humbled and emotional thinking about the over-the-top concern and effort Terry showed to this couple of travelers. Marshall Ford can learn a lot about true customer service, and just plain decency for a person needing help, from Terry Overkamp and the whole staff at Sinclair Lincoln. Again, thank you is not enough, but it is what I can offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - George and Kim Schreck