One of my favorite customers, Richard Hannah, had previously leased an MKZ and MKC from me within the last three years. One thing I noticed was his love and passion for his favorite Baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. I found out that his love for the team goes back to the 80's. Mr. Hannah once lived in Alaska where they could only get three channels on cable - TBS, WGN, and a New York channel he could not remember. The only baseball team he could watch was the Chicago Cubs. So the only option he had was to watch and love Harry Caray and the Cubs. Mr. Hannah came in to visit me during the start of the World Series looking to upgrade to a 2017 MKZ with a 3.0L engine from his previous 2014 MKZ. After searching a few dealerships for the perfect MKZ, we finally found one. We were able to make the deal and, as we all know, the Cubs ended up winning the World Series. Obviously this was a historical event, as it had been over 100 years since the Cubs had won. I wanted to do something special for Mr.  Hannah and enlisted the help of one of my good friends who works for Louisville Slugger. He informed me that they were making special edition bats for the series and that there would only be 2016 of the bats made. With the approval of my sales manager, Terry Landers, we went ahead and made the purchase. The next day my friend told me that they had already sold out. We made the order just in time for Mr. Hannah to have a limited edition Chicago Cubs World Series bat. Of course we knew it would take some time for the bat to be made. The day Mr. Hannah's plates arrived for his lease, the bat arrived. I called him and told him his plates were here. When he arrived, we presented him with his World Series Cubs Bat. Mr. Hannah had no idea that when he arrived, he would be leaving with a new addition to his Cubs collection. He says he will send anyone and everyone he knows to Dave Sinclair Lincoln St. Peters for their new Lincoln car buying experience.